Naxos Structure

The structure of Naxos adopted the historic occasions of the island and responded every time to the necessities of the historic situations.

Within the early years of the Byzantine Empire the residents of the island lived on the coasts and most of them have been centered across the port of Ayiasos. Within the later Byzantine interval, with the beginning of the pirate raids, settlements grew up within the inside of the island. The Naxiots constructed garrisons close to these settlements, which they might lock themselves into with a purpose to combat the raiders.

Later, in 1207, when Frank rule rule below Marco Sanudo was arrange on the island, a fortress with towers round it was constructed on the island – an emblem of secular and ecclesiastical energy – with a purpose to set up the Frankish chief's place. The outdated towers got to his associates; A few of these have been repaired whereas some new towers have been additionally constructed.

The Kastro (fortress) within the Hora – the principle city – of Naxos was constructed based on a plan that detailed pretty how the garrison could be constructed and what the connection between the availability of housing and the protection wall was to be. In accordance with accounts, the protection wall was within the type of a pentagon with 5 towers at every level. There was a triangular space within the course of the port and an oblong space in the direction of the hinterland. One other account says that there have been twelve towers, at a distance of ten meters aside, whereas the a part of the wall with the homes was closed off by three gates that have been in three of the factors of the pentagonal wall. Right now, the gate in Prantouna Sq. and the north-west gate subsequent to the one surviving tower, Glezos' Tower, are nonetheless standing. Just one part of this tower, which was initially very tall, survives. The entrances to the homes within the perimeter partitions are inside the Kastro and overlook a peripheral street. There are different homes with the identical circumference as these within the peripheral wall which will need to have been constructed at a later date.

There are a lot of roads with steps main out from the inside peripheral street; These roads observe the pure morphology of the land and lead into the principle sq. of the Kastro.

The Kastro of Naxos is among the few settlements in Greece with the structure of a medieval city to outlive as an entire. It bears the symbols of ecclesiastical and secular energy at its heart, that’s the Catholic cathedral and a central tower. The monasteries of St Anthony and of the Capuchin, the Ursuline Convent, the place Catholic ladies of the island have been educated, and the College of Commerce, by which Catholic monks taught, are buildings throughout the Kastro that present the try made by the Venetians to transmit The western mode of thought, with faith as its important type of expression. The Duke's vassals lived exterior the Kastro, together with the inhabitants of the island, establishing the districts of Bourgos and Agora. The villages of Grotta and Fontana have been based later by Jews who got here to the island and the village of Nio Horio by Cretans and refugees from Asia Minor.